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TV can be like the wild west...and it's dangerous to go alone.
Decades of experience has allowed us to cultivate partnerships with networks, talent, and agencies to make sure we’re teamed up with the right people.
Through collaboration, we ensure that everything we do is at the highest level.

BitFire TV

World-class studio and production space coupled with end-to-end live video transmission and production solutions.

Built by broadcasters for broadcasters.

With clients like CBS Sports, Amazon Prime Video, MLB Network, and Skycam, BitFire is a true end-to-end live video production and transmission solution. Participating in events ranging from the Oscars, to the NHL Draft, to Dancing with the Stars, to the World Series and the Super Bowl, BitFire's versatile team and cutting-edge technology take your broadcast where it needs to go.
Bandit Productions is proud to have offices located at BitFire Studios.
A state-of-the-art broadcast production studio facility, BitFire Studios features immersive LED walls and floors, production control rooms, live transmission, and award-winning virtual reality capabilities that are truly out of this world.
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BitFire NOC (Network Operations Center) BitFire NOC (Network Operations Center) BitFire NOC (Network Operations Center) BitFire NOC (Network Operations Center)

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